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about us

Desert Rose Designs hand-delivers premium floral arrangements to help strengthen relationships, give love and support, and celebrate life's special moments. Specializing in sympathy arrangements, unique curated floral arrangements, and everyday occasions. With Same Day Delivery, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect flowers to deliver your message and enhance your special occasion. Our stunning arrangements will allow nature's beauty to inspire your special moment. And because we are a local florist we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

Meet the Owner

''Flowers say what words sometimes cannot.'' I know sometimes it's hard to express what you're feeling. I'm here for your most exciting & looked-forward to moments. I want to celebrate with you! I'm also here for the most difficult, heart-breaking moments in life such as the loss of a loved one. My talent, along with my team of designers, is creating something beautiful on your behalf, sending the message that came to your mind the moment you knew flowers were the perfect answer. The language of flowers speaks to everyone. Whether it's love, happiness, sadness, humor, or celebration, this is why we're here. You are trusting me to convey a message to the recipient of these beautiful flowers. So, I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself and my family to you. Creativity has always been a natural ability for me. As a child, I remember receiving praise from my teachers for my creativeness and attention to detail. I credit them for being a part of helping me realize my talents. Living in the small town of Othello, where I was born and raised, I run into many of these teachers and let them know how grateful I am for encouraging me. They always love seeing how they sowed seeds into what is now my flower shop. As I have grown, the natural elements of Earth have always inspired me. The textures, colors, movement, and character in nature have deeply persuaded my design style. Being a florist, I get to play with all of these elements. What a dream job! A couple years before I, along with my husband and kids, bought the shop in 2015, I took interest in furniture refinishing. I began receiving requests for custom pieces from clients. This took my passion for creativity even further, and had me so eager to start a creative business. My eyes and ears were always open, looking for the perfect opportunity. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and watched my parents build a successful business from the ground up. It wasn't easy, and I'm grateful to have seen them do it and know the ''behind the scenes.'' (It later would help me and my family get through the trenches of business ownership.) I had learned essential skills along the way that prepared me for owning a business. I had everything I needed including the support from my family. When opportunity came knocking, it was without a doubt that God had prepared my heart, and my family's, for what was about to become our business. We dove right in. Literally! After a lot of prayer and hard work, five weeks after seeing the shop was for sale, we became the owners. As a family, we all participate in the shop somehow. You'll see my husband & son helping out with deliveries during the crazy busy holidays. My daughter is very creative and a ''florist in training.'' My younger two were/are''shop babies.'' We make it happen, somehow! As you can see, I know life is crazy. That person you've been thinking about for months, you just have not gotten to giving them a call or sending a text. Let us help you with that. Send them some flowers and put a smile on their face!